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Poster: jglynn1.2 Date: Sep 18, 2007 10:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: caution long post 9-18-87

I took dr. Flashback & Max's recommendation and gave it a good listen - and took notes this time:

Nice breathless Bobby on Hell in a bucket

Very nice tight start to Sugaree, Jerry's voice strikes me as a little scratchy but very passionate.

Good walkin Blues - nice slide guitar - Bobby still breathless, think I prefer Johnny Winter version of Walkin Blues

Love Candyman - Jerry's first Solo sounds like underwater bubbles - very neat effect. Voice is sounding pretty good throughout.

Sweet When I Paint My Masterpiece - I don't recall ever hearing this tune live, and have not listened to it much - did I hear something like a violin? Probably effect of keyboard. Bobby still sounding a little breathless (too much jogging).

Bird Song - another favorite - real nice clean beginning (very clear keyboard action) going into a seemingly (to me) pretty experimental middle jam (losing it's way and finding it back again, otheroney), nice power in the jam. They bring it back together with a nice conclusion, hard to believe I missed some great late 80's shows. I was probably out on the fishing boat.

Shakedown Street - Good bass start (common for Shakedown), Jerry's voice sounding a little rough - good clear instruments (even through my cheesy PC speaks). Switched to cheesy Radioshack headphones, better than PC speaks. Middle of song good and strong - nice "poke around" into great soloing and jamming.

Men Smart Women Smarter - good rendition - nothing struck me as outstanding

Terrapin - Starting over on this as I was interrupted. I will note here that this song is going well with work (easy to work to - maybe because it is such a pleasant listen). Was interrupted again but continued to listen - I definitely like this terrapin - Jerry still sounds a little rough vocally but overall does a great job singing - real nice version though there are probably more inspired versions out there.

Drums - Are you a twirler or a spinner?

Space - Are you a spinner or a twirler?

Goin down the Road Feelin' Bad - Is there a BAD version of this tune? Bouncy, good stron bass, clear jerry leads, rockin' - great version to dance to.

All Along the Watchtower - Don't recall hearing this tune live - pretty good transition from Goin down the Road. Bobby still breathless. Strong upbeat version (quick tempoed - Did GD always play it this way?).

Morning Dew - Change in tempo from fiesty watchtower to a slow and mello Mornin' Dew - another song I always liked. Jerry's voice sounding strong and singing with emotion. Now they are ripping it up with Jerry on his game for the last third to end Dew.

Good Lovin' - Rockin it - Bobby not so breathless on this one. Are you spinning? Or twirling? Uh oh I jinxed it - Bobby is out of breath again - haah. Strong bass and drums through the cheesy speakers.

La Bamaba - Never heard this one (live or otherwise) - fit's nicely with Good Love - Jerry's voice sounding rough. I know no Spanish so looked up the lyrics:

Back to Good Lovin for a rousing spinning twirling bouncing finale.

Encore: I'll bet not to many are heading for the exits on this show.

Knockin on Heaven's Door - As Cartman would say Sweeeeeeet!!!! Truely great encore - I don't think I ever heard GD do this live.

Now I'll give 9-17-70 a listen

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Poster: johnnyonthespot Date: Sep 18, 2007 11:09am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: caution long post 9-18-87

This hits on something of interest to me, La Bamba.

Jerry was a FIRST generation American. His Dad was born and grew up in Spain. Before him doing this song ( based on the popularity of Los Lobos a band he respectected as everyone should but that's of course my biased opinion ), it never seemed he had one ioata of ties to his Spanish heritage. Not that he hid from it or anything it just never ever came up. I just kind of always thought that odd considering his Dad was from there. So to make a long question longer, I wonder if he knew any Spanish at all or if he had to completely stumble through the words like I would have to ( I am also of Spanish decent, although while my Grandpa spoke Spanish as his first language my Dad did not therfore never taught me ).

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Poster: esreveRDelay Date: Sep 18, 2007 12:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: caution long post 9-18-87

Good question. I really like that Santana/Garcia stuff of some spanish scene posted here on Youtube a while ago, he seemed so very happy but, I doubt he knew spanish or english. He made up his own language.